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The Firm

Chinn & Associates employs a unique team approach where the entire staff serves a clients’ needs. When this team approach is combined with our unique staffing and our commitment to service, we deliver complete service to our clients.

Mark A. Chinn

Mark A. Chinn has been married to Cathy since 1978, and they have four daughters and a granddaughter. Mark operates a firm that serves clients in the field of family law. He has an...

Our Mission

Our Mission The Law Firm of Chinn & Associates PC is committed to delivering unparalleled service to individuals involved in divorce, where there are sophisticated financial or legal issues present. We are further dedicated...

Driving Directions

Chinn & Associates is located at 4316 Old Canton Road, Suite 200, Jackson, Mississippi 39211.

How We’re Different

How We’re Different: Below are just a few attributes, awards, and accolades that differentiate Chinn & Associates from other family law firms.


In the flood of recent discussions about tort reform and the many areas in which our legal system needs changing, the word “mediation” was conspicuous by its absence. Mediation is an alternative to the...


How We Charge

Chinn & Associates eschews hourly billing and believes the value pricing method is the method of the future from a client satisfaction standpoint. The positive attributes of the value pricing method include:

Fee Dispute Policy

CHINN & ASSOCIATES FEE AND SERVICE DISPUTE RESOLUTION POLICY Chinn & Associates is dedicated to delivering the finest legal service at values which comport with the Code of Ethical Conduct for Lawyers in Mississippi....