Selected Comments From Past Clients

(Client names have been withheld for confidentiality purposes.)

Mark A. Chinn is a dedicated lawyer who knows how to break through the obstacles and get things done. His guidance and support has brought me to a better place in my life. Divorce is a devastating experience, but time heals everything faster and better when you know your case is in the hands of Mark Chinn. I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to appreciate his professionalism and diligence in his work. He has not only met but exceeded my expectations in most difficult times. I am grateful to him for helping me to get on in my life and to have faith in good and kind people like him.

May God Bless you and your team for the great work you do every day!

A.S., Former Client
February 8, 2015

I was extremely lucky to find Mark Chinn (Chinn and Associates in Jackson, Mississippi), after suffering through eighteen months of ZERO progress with a “bargain lawyer”. During my initial meeting with Mr. Chinn, he spent all the time necessary to get a thorough understanding of my case. He described various ways to immediately begin seeking a favorable resolution. He also presented different pricing options, including the option to pay an all-inclusive fee upfront. That gave me substantial control over my legal expenses… I didn’t have to worry about the uncertainty of “pay as you go” pricing.

Mr. Chinn’s staff is exceptional. Everyone is highly knowledgeable, yet attentive and responsive to the clients’ needs. The entire staff, including Mr. Chinn, are available at all hours to respond to unexpected or emergency developments. They kept me well informed of each and every aspect of my case.

In summary, most of the time there are no “do-overs” or “second-chances” in court. Chinn and Associates achieved a successful outcome in my case, the very first time. That’s the REAL bargain!

F. M., Former Client
February 2015

I had researched and met with several lawyers in Atlanta, GA. but I also needed a lawyer in Jackson, MS.

After speaking with Mr. Chinn for approximately 30 minutes, he had already provided an extremely well thought out strategy that highlighted my options, how they related to each other, and the best starting point{s). This plan and route is something that no other lawyer or legal team was able to layout. This alone was an incredible difference. As I compare notes with others who had been through similar ordeals, I was amazed that no one has received the “big picture view”.

In addition, even though this may be less important to a subset of people, with kids in the equation, I wanted to 1) take the high·road and 2) investigate the potential of working through the issues with my spouse. Without my pointing this out, this was where Mr Chinn started his options and he raised the positives of reconciling several times. I could not reconcile and he won in my favor.

So … nice underlying ethics, very strategic, and extremely strong if (or when) you need to fight.

N. D., Former Client, Atlanta, GA
February 2015

Hi Mr. Mark.

I just received an email from Chad letting me know the certified copies are in, and the paperwork is en route to ****. I replied and expressed my thanks to him and the rest of your staff there, but I wanted to thank you again personally. You’re a top-notch attorney, and you have great people working with you there. Thank you for all your help.

F.D.M., Former Client
January 2015

Dear Mark and Chad –

I can’t begin to express our gratitude for the hard work you put into our case, and the way you handled us as clients. I felt supported and well cared for. Even in moments where we had doubts about our case, we had faith in the process and approach of our legal team. Your firm truly operates like a “center of excellence.”

Former Client
February 2014

Dear Mark,

Please allow me to thank you for your work in resolving my divorce. Without your help, it would certainly still be languishing in the DeSoto County Courthouse. Your fees, opinion work, and turnaround time were fair, judicious and timely. I would recommend you unreservedly.

Former Client
May 31, 2013

My former wife and I are both happily divorced thanks to Mark Chinn. Although I was Mark’s client, he very clearly indicated to me that he was interested in helping me set and reach goals that were best for the entire family, not just for me. This strategy allowed for a very amicable settlement which left both parties financially and emotionally whole. We remain very good friends today, and our family recognizes and appreciates both of our efforts as well as the efforts of both attorneys to “do the right thing” by one another and not simply “win the case.” Although divorce is painful, Mark’s experience and expertise in family law proved invaluable throughout my experience. I’ve worked with many attorneys over the years for a variety of personal and business reasons but have never worked with one as competent, capable and caring as Mark.

April 8, 2013

Mark is not only a wonderful lawyer, but he is an honest, Christian man with strong principles. If you want things done the right way, this is who you go to. Divorce is a catastrophic event to a family, but having the right attorney can make it significantly easier. I can assure you there are many divorce attorneys in this town who only have the objective of draining you of your money and coming in with guns blazing. Mark comes in with guns blazing if necessary, but in a steady and Godly way that puts you and your families best interest first, not his own. You don’t find that much these days. He has 35 years of experience and listening to him is the best thing you’ll ever do. Also, the way he charges is modern and you won’t be surprised by your bill.

April 4, 2013


Chinn and his associate, Thompson, were my second attorneys in my divorce after my first attorney botched my case and left me in a volatile/desperate position.

Chinn is who I recommend to everyone now. He is incredible as an attorney and it was fascinating watching him work the attorney crowd in the hallways before, during, and after the trial. Just like the legal research done before trial, you have to know your judge and environment as well. He also sat in on a similar trial just prior to mine and was able to use the judge’s response he observed from that to help with a decision the judge was making on mine.

I felt he truly cared not only about me and my future, but also the long term effect on my kids as well.

True to his word, I was not “dismissed” after the divorce papers were signed, but they have guided me step by step through the aftermath of the process.

As far as price, you get what you pay for. They were upfront of the cost and what it included so there were no surprises. I can’t say that about my prior attorney.

I wish I had known about him first, but I am so blessed to have learned about him when I did. Because of Chinn and Associates, I found….. hope.

September 13, 2012


I greatly appreciate the hard work of you and your staff on my case over the past year! It hasn’t been an easy journey, but you and your staff made it easier than it would have been otherwise without your full service support and for that I’m forever grateful.

October 19, 2011


I would imagine Chad and Matthew have reported to you that everything went fine yesterday. Took a little longer than I think they expected, but of course, I had no idea about a time frame going into the meeting.

I appreciated Matthew’s interest and committment to represent my best interest yesterday. He was very concise and to the point, yet he made me feel at ease . I trusted his knowledge and my representation.

I want to say a special word about Chad. He has been exceptional in his ability to work each one of my concerns and sort through even the smallest details. I also appreciate his patience and kindness through this entire process. He showed great empathy for my situation (even from our first meeting) all the while maintaining the highest professionalism. Yesterday was no exception. He was patient, followed through on each concern, and was continually concerned about my emotional well being during the process. I know the importance of having competent, caring people working around you and I know you are thankful to have him on your team.

Thank you again for your committment to make this as smooth as it can be…if it can be.

2011 Client

You honor your profession in many ways. “Family Law Firm of the Year in Mississippi” is one of them. Keep up the good work.

J.B.T., Experienced MS Lawyer

I am so glad I too am a FB friend of yours. Thank you so much Mark for what all you are doing here. What a giving. I’ve always believed you can’t out give yourself…You sure do with your sites.


Mark Chinn literally wrote the book on family law in Mississippi. When my clients need help with divorce or other family law issues, I refer them to Mark. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a family law attorney.

H.C.C., JD


It’s been a long road to this, hopefully, final point. Thanks beyond words to you, Patricia, D.K., Chad, Judy, and all others on your staff. We appreciate your personal interest and concern throughout the ordeal. That has made hill less steep. Let us know if we can ever be of help as a referral or otherwise.


Dear Mark & Staff,

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I write this thank you note. Beginning in 2004 you started a process with me when you willingly offered professional advice along with wisdom from Godly principles, and words of encouragement that I needed to hear. I appreciate your generosity and availability.

Your wonderful staff express your personal commitment to excellence as well as a caring spirit. The exit interview blew me away…very emotional. I was not expecting that. What a blessing! What a ministry! To all of you I sincerely say “Thank you”

Warm regards,

Dear Mark,

I don’t even know where to start! From the moment I called and spoke with Judy until the day you called me personally to tell me my divorce was final I knew I was in good hands. At a time in my life where everything was falling apart, especially my children, you and your team stepped in and took all the fear and worry away from a terrible situation. There was not a day that went by that someone from your firm didn’t either call or e-mail me just to see how things were going. Not to mention the letters, and cards that kept appearing in my mailbox. To someone going through a divorce in a town far away from their family, you have no idea how those things would actually get me through the day! I was such a nervous wreck the first day I came to your office, full of uncertainty and questions about what the future would hold for me and my children. The moment I opened the door and walked in a complete sense of peace fell over me, and never left! I will forever be indebted to you and the wonderful people at Chinn and Associates. Thanks for making not only my life better, but my childrens’ as well.

T. J.


I can’t begin to tell you how much you have changed my life. It is because of you that I am where I am today. I think of you with gratitude and love, and will always be grateful for what you have done.

Thank you!

Dear, Chinn & Associates,

As Always, you go out of your way to show me how much you care. You are all truly God sent.

Love always,

A.S. and family

Dear Patricia and Chad,
I appreciate all the hard work all of you put into preparation for the trial and at the trial. The approach of The Chinn Team in contrast to other Family Law teams is as stark as night and day. Your obvious, deep concern for our family is very evident.

-G. M. H.

You and the whole team not only do excellent work, but are a pleasure to work with.

-G. M. H.

Dear Mark & Patricia,
During the course of our careers we encounter varying personalities, degrees of behavior and intelligence, some we want to forget and others we cherish, when working with professionals in accomplishing the job at hand. The experiences I have had with Patricia and to a lesser extent with Mark during this process have convinced me that this particular engagement will without a doubt qualify as one to be cherished. It is a pleasure to work with individuals who approach problems with such a high level of dignity, professional behavior and expertise.

I hope to work with you again in the future.


Dear Chinn & Associates,

No matter how necessary the termination of marriage might become, I learned from personal experience how devastating and frightening it is to face that reality when ending my marriage. Ironically, this may have been more pronounced for me, since I am an experienced lawyer who has worked on divorce cases as a lawyer. When I chose Chinn and Associates as the firm to help me deal with the legal process, I expected the utmost in professionalism, and my expectations were met. What I grew to learn during this process was that the firm would be wonderfully supportive for me on an emotional level as well. Again, since I am a lawyer, I was particularly moved and surprised by this aspect of Chinn care. Every person in the firm was accessible to me, listened to me and took my concerns seriously as we approached the process as a team striving for the optimal outcome. When asked by others of my opinion of the firm’s representation of me I always say “it was all about me” as I felt each person I came in contact with at Chinn truly did have my best interest at heart, from both a legal and personal standpoint. I have since referred others to the firm with no hesitation whatsoever.


I hired Mark Chinn and Associates in February 2003 as my attorney in my divorce. Although I had a vindictive soon-to-be Ex who’s only goal was to punish and attempt to embarrass me, Chinn and Associates never stopped believing in me and worked hard to win my case for almost two years.

Mark may assign one attorney as your primary representative, in my case the lovely Patricia Williams, but the entire “Chinn Team” was fully aware of the proceedings and willing to provide assistance at any time. I never dreamed a group of attorneys and office staff could be so caring, supportive, and hard working for someone they just met. Anyone needing a divorce attorney would be extremely wise to sit down with Mark and give him a chance to “Put his team on your sideline!”


Hi Mark,

I hope all is well and your family and business are doing terrifically.

The way I happened upon you was by asking around through various friends who asked further various friends and the only name which appeared on every list was yours. It seemed axiomatic that I consult the contention.

As far as my impressions of the “Chinn Experience” I would offer that if someone needs an attorney they should solicit one, however, if the circumstances dictate the need for a team of dedicated professionals, experts in their specific disciplines, to expedite solutions then choose Chinn and Associates. Moreover, it was to my astonishment that both parties could find accommodation in divorce yet that is what happened. I was counseled to do the best thing for all concerned, including me, and the process was investigated and resolved on time. I was helped to accept my responsibilities, given options, and encouraged with empathy along the way to a mutually satisfying resolve with no regrets.