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“Family Law is all I do. I believe in handling divorce so there is a family left standing, even if there is no marriage. We customize fixed prices so you will know exactly what you are paying.”

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Is voting for Hillary (or Donald) grounds for divorce?

On a late-night conservative talk show, the host solicited "confessions" from voting viewers. One of the viewers wrote that he told his wife that if she voted for Hillary it would be grounds for divorce. ... Read More

Inherited property may be separate, but it’s not completely safe

All property accumulated during the marriage is deemed to be marital property unless it was received by gift or inheritance. Inherited property which is kept separate, is generally free from equitable distribution. However, most people ... Read More

When you appeal and when you might get sent back before the very same judge

When people receive an unfavorable result in a trial court, they have a right to appeal. However, most people don’t understand that the usual best case scenario is that the matter will be sent back ... Read More

The First Appointment

What to bring to the First Appointment In the first appointment, the attorney attempts to assess the following things: What are the reasons for the divorce? Whether there is provable fault by either party What the ... Read More

Fault Grounds for Divorce

A suit on grounds is an option if you have proof of such grounds. Below are the most commonly used grounds for divorce in Mississippi. Adultery Adultery means voluntary sexual intercourse on the part of ... Read More
Irreconcilable Differences Divorces

Irreconcilable Differences Divorces

Irreconcilable differences divorces (sometimes called, "No Fault Divorces"), are authorized by a Mississippi State Statute Number 93-5-2. This statute was passed by the Mississippi Legislature in 1976 to afford people who wanted a divorce ... Read More


Annulment Lawyers in Jackson MS Annulment in Mississippi is governed by the following statutes: 2013 Mississippi Code Title 93 - DOMESTIC RELATIONS Chapter 7 - ANNULMENT OF MARRIAGE § 93-7-1 - Annulment of void marriages ... Read More

Basics of Litigation

If suit is filed, litigation will ensue. We include here a discussion of what happens if there is a suit. A. SUIT/COUNTERSUIT When one party files suit, the other party has thirty days to ... Read More